Simone Cordery-Cotter

Climate Analyst


Colorado born and raised, Simone Cordery-Cotter got her start in corporate marketing and public relations, where she worked as an account manager for an advertising agency and was the North America public relations director for an international performance brand. After 5 years in the for-profit industry, she looked longingly across the fence at the non-profit, cause-driven industry, and sought out AmeriCorps' CivicSpark program as a way to learn more about the role of small governments and non-profits collaborating to combat global climate change on a local scale. Working with Sierra Business Council on the Sierra CAMP initiative and on Climate Planning and Energy strategies, Simone is thrilled to be a part of something vital, growing, and grassroots, and wants to help save the world, all while serving the triple bottom line. She's thrilled to be staying on with SBC after her service year, acting as program manager for Sierra CAMP and serving as a vital part of the Government Affairs team.

Personal Highlights

As long as it's outdoors, Simone is content doing it, whether it's biking, running, backpacking, snowboarding, or dog-walking. She loves obscure movies, and talking shop with craft brewers. She's very proud of the fact that she ran her first two half-marathons in 2018, and has gone skydiving despite a crippling fear of heights. On a regular Saturday, she can be found walking in the woods with her dog Freya, and working on some kind of functional art project.