Leanne Harjer

Office & Operations Manager

An Illinois native and a DePaul University graduate with a degree in political science, Leanne began her career with the Illinois State Senate. While analyzing budgets for the appropriations staff was interesting, she realized it was people, not numbers that intrigued herShe joined the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation AmeriCorps Program in order to experience the non-profit world, and from there she joined Parasol as the Donor Services Manager. After some self-exploring in South America and travelling throughout the United States, Leanne decided to put down roots in Tahoe where she feels inspired by the mountains and the Lake. Leanne brings strong organizational and people skills to SBC, and is excited to be a part of a dynamic organization that spans throughout the Sierra.

Personal Highlights

Favorite activities include anything ending in “ing”: traveling, hiking, biking, attending music festivals, stargazing, and studying herbs.