Kris Kuyper

Program Director

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Phone: 530.582.4800

Kris is the Project Manager of the Rivers and Ranches Program. She is an experienced field biologist with a background in botany and wildlife biology. Prior to joining SBC, Kris worked as an environmental consultant in the Lake Tahoe Basin and the Great Basin with a focus on sensitive species. She also helped develop used oil and waste tire recycling programs in Nevada. Throughout her career, she has developed strong working relationships with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and members of the local community. Her favorite volunteer work is teaching science (especially botany) to elementary school classes.

Personal Highlights

Kris was born in the Midwest with an immediate yearning to move to the mountains. Since moving west, she has never looked back! She has lived in Truckee for 17 years with her husband Arjen and their two sons, Nico and Aaron. She enjoys backcountry skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking.