Highlighting the hidden gems of the Sierra Nevada

Much of the Sierra relies on a tourist economy. Sierra Business Council has highlighted thousands of destinations within the Sierra Nevada, each one ready to be explored. From spreading the impact of tourism to marketing businesses reaching for sustainability to helping protect the Sierra’s natural beauty, we are working hard to leverage all of the Sierra’s assets.

Giant Sequoia National Monument Campaign

Type: Jobs, Assets, Land, Money

Gold Country Broadband Consortium

Type: Jobs, Assets, Money

Government Affairs

Type: Jobs, Assets, Land, Money, Energy

Lake Tahoe Water Trail

Type: Assets, Land

Martis Fund Homebuyer Assistance Program

Type: Assets, Money

Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership

Type: Jobs, Assets, Land, Money

Sierra Nevada Energy Watch

Type: Jobs, Assets, Money, Energy

Sierra Nevada Geotourism

Type: Assets, Money

Sierra Small Business Development Center

Type: Jobs, Assets, Money