Government Affairs

Sierra Business Council's Government Affairs team works with local, regional, and statewide partners to stand up for the Sierra Nevada region on things that matter to our communities. The team advocates on wildfire protection, watershed restoration, climate change, internet access, affordable housing, jobs, sustainable outdoor recreation, and other issues affecting the communities, economies, and environment of the Sierra.

SBC monitors and weighs in on California state policy and occasionally federal policy. Whether it's tracking agency grant programs, developing partnerships, weighing in on draft regulations, commenting on legislation, testifying in hearings, or campaigning to pass ballot measures, SBC’s advocacy network is standing up for the Sierra. The Government Affairs team accepts requests for advocacy support, coordination or partnership on a continuous basis. For more information, contact Government and Community Affairs Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


View Impact Statements from 2017 and 2018 for recent advocacy successes. For more details on current and past initiatives, see below and the SBC blog archive.

Current Initiatives:

  • Tahoe Truckee Mountain Housing Council - SBC coordinates a sub-committee of the Tahoe-Truckee Mountain Housing Council dedicated to weighing in on State housing policy in legislative, budgetary, funding, and policy implementation in an effort to find solutions to the affordable housing crisis in the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee region.

  • Natural Resource Advocacy - SBC coordinates a coalition of Sierra-based conservation and community-based organizations to advocate on wildfire, natural resource, water, and climate policies.

  • California Tahoe Conservancy Policy Tracking - SBC tracks natural resource policies, agency efforts, and funding opportunities related to forestry, recreation, watershed management, and other issues affecting the jurisdiction of the California Tahoe Conservancy).

  • Sierra CAMP - The Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership tracks state climate policy and provides policy-related educational and coordination opportunities for Sierra CAMP members, in addition to other activities. Sierra CAMP supports the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA) in reviewing and providing feedback to state agencies on climate adaptation policy and funding guidance, implementation, and coordination efforts. See more information here, or view the Sierra CAMP website.

  • Community Choice Energy and Rural Issues Advocacy - SBC has tracked energy policy and agency regulations for Pioneer Community Energy, a community choice aggregation energy provider for communities in Placer County, since 2016.

  • Ad-Hoc Key Issues - SBC engages on an ad-hoc individual or partnership basis on critical efforts not captured through other advocacy initiatives, such as key wildfire, biomass, and forest policy or small business development policy opportunities responding to recent or immediate crises, etc.

Past Initiatives:

  • 2018 Natural Resource Bonds - SBC advocated in 2016 and 2017 for legislation to enact a natural resource bond measure which was passed by California voters on the 2018 Primary ballot as Proposition 68, a $4 billion parks and water bond measure that included $142 million for projects in the Sierra Nevada. In 2018 SBC coordinated a coalition of local agencies, nonprofits and businesses in the Sierra to raise funding and voter awareness for the passage of Proposition 68 and Proposition 1, an $8 billion water bond, which lost by a narrow margin in the November 2018 midterm election.

  • 2018 Gubernatorial Briefings - SBC worked with climate, natural resource, and energy advocacy partners to brief the 2018 Gubernatorial candidates on key issues affecting the Sierra.

  • Giant Sequoia National Monument Campaign - In 2017 and 2018 Sierra Business Council worked with partners on a public outreach campaign to oppose the federal proposal to change the borders of the Giant Sequoia National Monument. 

  • Sierra CAMP Direct Advocacy - The Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership weighed in on legislative and budgetary climate efforts on behalf of its membership until 2017 when the program decided to focus on technical assistance, education, and capacity building.