Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership

The Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership (Sierra CAMP) is a cross-sector partnership that promotes and facilitates regional climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, serves as a climate action capacity-building hub for Sierra/Cascade communities, and fosters urban-rural connections to build statewide investment in our region's communities and natural resources.

Designed to support vibrant communities, a resilient environment and improve quality of life in the region, Sierra CAMP achieves this by empowering and convening Sierra leaders from government, business, academia, and community groups to share best practices; develop strategies for action; and leverage efforts and resources. Sierra CAMP coordinates with other climate collaboratives from across California convened by the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation

Sierra CAMP's vision is to reduce the burden of climate impacts on communities and ecosystems throughout the Sierra-Cascade region, as well as in the downstream urban communities that depend on those rural resources. 

To achieve this vision, Sierra CAMP's objectives are to: 

  • Educate and engage Sierra stakeholders on climate policy
  • Convene Sierra stakeholders to discuss and vet climate policy issues
  • Develop and strengthen connections with urban downstream users of Sierra ecosystem services to build a stronger collective voice for investment in Sierra resources
  • Catalyze on-the-ground climate demonstration projects in the region
  • Build Sierra stakeholder capacity by providing climate action resources, education, and technical support

Sierra CAMP is a program managed by Sierra Business Council with governance guidance provided by a volunteer-based Leadership Committee.

To get involved or learn more, visit, or contact Sierra CAMP Project Manager Nikki Caravelli at 530-582-4800.

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